Mastering The Three Seats

Thanks to for this great article! Written by: Jessica Lefroy There are three seats a rider should master to become effective and versatile – the full seat, the half seat, and the deep seat. Laura Tidball-Balisky describes each and when they can best be utilized. There are three seats a rider should master to become effective and versatile – […] Continue Reading

Summer (Horse) Camp Makes A Difference In Your Childs Life

Benefits of Camp: Psychological Aspects Camp And Youth Development Outcomes Parents want the best opportunities for their children. They want them to have whatever it takes to be happy and successful - good health, ability to get along with others, thinking and problem solving skills, a good self-concept. Children need resiliency skills: self-esteem, life skills, self-reliance, and pro-social behaviors. The [...] Continue Reading

Summer (Horse) Camp and What You Need To Know

It's much more than s'mores and sing-alongs: Top camps provide lifelong memories and skills. Here's how to pick a winner -- and help your kid have an awesome summer. Even before I had kids, I knew they'd go to summer camp. I had spent literally decades (as a camper, staffer, and director) at my own sleepaway camp. What child of mine [...] Continue Reading

Taking Riding Lessons?

Taking Riding Lessons From what to wear, to finding a reputable instructor, there's a lot to think about when you want to learn about horseback riding. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch. Once you have decided that you want to learn horseback riding, there a number of things to think about, from whether you want to ride English or Western, [...] Continue Reading

Can A Green Horse Work For You?

You’re a new rider who has bought a green horse, and have reached the point where you realize you’re in way over your head. Now what? I had to stop myself from sighing as I surveyed the familiar scene. A brand new rider had decided to purchase a green horse to keep on her small property. Without any lessons, coaching or [...] Continue Reading

Pleasure riding, What Does Wikipedia Say?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pleasure riding is a form of equestrianism that encompasses many forms of recreational riding for personal enjoyment, absent elements of competition. Pleasure riding is called hacking in British English, and in parts of the eastern United States and Canada. In the United States, particularly the American west, the term trail riding is used to describe pleasure riding, particularly on public lands. Pleasure riding[edit] Many [...] Continue Reading

Trail Riding Is Fantastic, Here Are Some Things To Remember!

Here are some trail etiquette reminders: Need to bring negative Coggins/health papers if traveling out of state, in state, negative Coggins needed only Wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet Check cinch/girth before mounting/during ride Keep kickers in back; identify them Riders should not pass at a different speed than gait you are traveling at Let others know when passing and what [...] Continue Reading

Horses Help Us In So Many Ways, Sometimes Its Hard To List Them All

Fun Facts from When thinking of horses helping humans, we tend to get side tracked thinking about farm work, horse and cart or even horse related sports. However, there are numerous health and wellbeing benefits that humans can gain from being around horses. Interacting with horses allows for a number of opportunities to learn, explore, and grow. Here are some [...] Continue Reading

Horseback Riding Isnt A Passive Activity!

Fun Facts from Before we all had cars to drive in, people used horses to get around, and almost everyone was taught to care and ride a horse. Today, our dependence on these large mammals is non-existent and horseback riding has become recreational. There are many obvious health benefits to riding, including strong core and legs, but there are also [...] Continue Reading

Are You Ready To Ride A Horse?

Fun Facts from You might have liked horses all your life. Or you might have had an awakening not too long ago that is urging you to explore horseback riding for the first time. You can't tear your eyes away from the sight of glowing coats and rippling muscles. You get excited every time you drive by horses in a [...] Continue Reading

Check Your ‘Pony’ Knowlege!

Fun Facts from Fun Pony Facts for Kids Check out our range of fun pony facts for kids. Learn what they look like, what they are used for, what makes them unique and much more. Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information about ponies. Ponies are small horses. Ponies have thicker manes and tails than horses. They also have [...] Continue Reading