Disciplines Practiced at The Trish Franks Riding School


We have classes and riding groups for Adults, Adolesents, Children & Toddlers – No matter your needs we can accomodate you.

Trish Franks has to credit several Champion Youth, Adult Riders and horses in a multiple of disciplines. In learning the sport of reining, the Natchez Bend family has associated and trained with national professionals and coaches. Carefully selected reining horses were purchased and trained to become world champions and to compete on a national and international level. Youth champions went on to the USET Young Riders in Gladstone, New Jersey in 2001. Hunter/jumper and dressage students are started at the local levels of showing and progress on to out of state competitions.

Beginning through advanced students fill the daily schedules of Natchez Bend professional insured instructors in their pursuit of higher levels of instruction and competition. The program is Middle Tennessee’s largest youth program with two locations on the beautiful Green Pastures Farm of Brentwood, Tennessee.

Ex-show horses and ponies are used for daily lessons with the students that are dedicated to learning the equine sport. Students are taught horsemanship and riding skills and to develop the feel to correct problems as they are introduced from their trusting mounts. Horse and rider relationships can be very fulfilling and enjoyable for students with busy academics.

In 2011, the Natchez Bend Equestrian Team was formed to compete in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) for middle and upper school students. It is the only english team as of 2012 in the Nashville area. The western team was added late in 2011 with winning results for the season. Our non-profit equestrian team is funded by individual families and fundraising donations from sponsors throughout the year. With fund raising, the board of directors were able to give four partial scholarships for 2011-2012 and to provide team uniforms and miscellaneous travel expenses for horses and coaches that compete through the calendar.

The Horsemanship Class at Currey Ingram

This is an elective High School Class offered at Currey Ingram Highschool for the entire year. Students learn all aspects of quality care, nutrition, animal sciences and hands on Medical care for all types of Horses.

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  • First Time Students (Non Toddler):  We require a 4 class minimum for new students.  First classes are for evaluation, to find the best teacher and horse for the new student and that’s best done over a few sessions.
  • Parents &/or Riders:  Expect to spend 1.5 hours on classes (Horse prep + class time)
  • Toddler Parents: Must accompany Child

The Riding Disciplines & Programs We Offer

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