Riding Lesson Policies (please read)

All Make Up Lessons Must Be Made Up With In 30 Days Of  The Cancelled Class

We have provided for your convenience a list of phone numbers and duties of our professionals.  Because we love our busy horse jobs and are usually in a lesson or on a horse, (or a meeting),  the most effective way that I personally have come to find very effective is to text first, identify yourself and a short message. If urgent, state urgency and we will call you right back.  If not urgent we will return the call at our first opportunity.

Communication (go to contact page of website for full list of lesson & barn contacts) with our families is important and necessary because we have many moving parts.  A couple of suggestions:  Some of us field calls more than others. Some of our professionals have other professions and can’t be immediately available.  Please be respectful of the time of your voice calls or text after hours, we do try to have some normality in our lives. We respect Sundays as intended to be our day of rest, however it is occasionally needed to schedule make-up lessons and this is entirely up to your instructor and yourself.   Everyone on our coaching team check emails regularly and some return emails late at night.  However if you have a concern that needs addressing, you call us right away.  My phone is available for emergency of student or horse 24/7.

Cancellation of Lessons:  Do not leave class cancellation notices on email unless it is in advance. If you are canceling for that day we might not have the opportunity to get that message therefore everything is ready for your lesson and you aren’t able to make it.  We require in writing (email) or text your cancellation. WE DO ABIDE BY OUR CANCELLATION NOTICE.

First Time Students (non Toddler):  We require a 4 class minimum for new students.  This helps us eliminate non serious riders from taking a class because they have a free afternoon.  First classes are for evaluation, finding the best teacher and horse for the new student and thats best done over a few sessions.

Scheduling:   Our liaisons of both locations will contact you and assign and recommend the instructor that best fits your needs.  At that time your instructor will contact you to schedule. Any changes in schedule should be done directly with the instructor and if a makeup is needed it will be arranged through your instructor as well.  On occasion we as instructors get ill or have some last minute incident that can’t be helped but we will always make sure that you are scheduled with a substitute or a makeup. Our substitute instructors would be another coach on our team.