“I really need help,” the young woman said to the trainer. “You see my horse spooks at everything. I cannot ride him across the pasture without his looking at every fallen branch and jumping out of his skin at every rabbit. Can you help me?” “Well I don’t know,” replied the old man. “Do you keep your horse in a […] Continue Reading

MTHJA Brownland Farm Horse Show – March 2016

Congratulations To Our Trish Franks Riding School Students again!!   These young riders did an amazing job this weekend at The Brownland Farm Show: Two Reserve and Grand Champions today at Brownland Farms Sofia Wadler and Audrey Flatt Equitation champion Jessica Weissman I’m Proud to have an amazing team of coaches, volunteers and students that understand their Equestrian journey with us […] Continue Reading

How Horseback Riding Improves Physical and Mental Health

Riding and grooming your horse provide health benefits beyond what you get from many other forms of exercise. By Patrice D. Bucciarelli | March 7, 2016 At least twice a week, a group of women who board their horses at the same barn get together to take a short trail ride on the farm’s premises. The ride is a ritual […] Continue Reading

The Jaeckle Center Horse show – February 2016

Congratulations To Our Trish Franks Riding School Students Showing For the First Time!!   These young riders did an amazing job at their first show at The Jaeckle Center Horse show. Yesterday was tiring but it was one of the most rewarding in my 45 years of teaching. All 10 students we took to the show had new horses and it was their […] Continue Reading

Learning in Baby Steps: Shaping

Equine psychologist Antonia Henderson explains how to make training any behaviour fun and easy by breaking the task down into small pieces and rewarding your horse for each success. A grey Andalusian stallion gallops at liberty across the Cavalia stage, comes to a sliding stop in front of his handler and dances with her in a breathtaking choreographed sequence. A […] Continue Reading

You Know You Ride Gaited Horses When…

By Gretchen Comcowich | February 9, 2016 I’m one of those kids who grew up on gaited horses. My grandmother has owned and raised Peruvian horses for more than 30 years. She will proudly smile and rave about them whenever she gets the chance to talk horse. Now, as an adult, I give a lot of credit to both my […] Continue Reading

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