We have two highly trained Western trainers that have taught and competed in all Western events. There are new elements introduced to students as they progress in skill. The Franks family and other elected coaches for the Western Team have many years in competition and training in Reining, Horsemanship, showmanship, horsemanship, in Hand classes (Halter) and the latest is adding Ranch Pleasure, Ranch Riding, and cattle sorting.

We insist that all horsemanships practices are taught and that begins with grooming, tacking, riding, then cleaning tack and putting away. This is the type of program we have.  We realize that our younger children need assistants so we provide our older more experienced students to assist in preparing the younger student for their lessons. However they are encourage to learn to become independent when they can Our  priority is your student’s safety and for this activity to be injoayable but we do strictly enforce our rules for the concern of everyone. We have Showing Opportunities for Beginners thru Advanced but we also love to Trail Ride and just to learn riding safely and out on the property.

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  • First Time Students (Non Toddler):  We require a 4 class minimum for new students.  First classes are for evaluation, to find the best teacher and horse for the new student and that’s best done over a few sessions.
  • Parents &/or Riders:  Expect to spend 1.5 hours on classes (Horse prep + class time)
  • Toddler Parents: Must accompany Child

The Riding Disciplines & Programs We Offer

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